Sun 08
P3 (Under 8)
Sun 8
GHA/Loch Lomond
P3s vs GHA & Loch Lomond (Home)

P3s vs GHA & Loch Lomond (Home)

By Karen Droy
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P3s vs GHA & Loch Lomond (Home)

On an unusually dry morning at Broomfield Cumnock p3s welcomed their friends from GHA and Loch Lomond.

Cumnock were split into a red and a black team with the Cumnock blacks first up against GHA. From the off GHA took control of the game showing electric pace down both wings scoring the first 3 trys of the game. The Cumnock blacks had now finally woken up and scored their first try when Caleb ran down the line to off load to Maddy who scored in the corner. The next 4 trys were shared with John and Iona scoring for the blacks leaving the score 5/3 at half time. After a quick drink and team talk the blacks roared out from the restart with trys from Adam and Riley. GHA were still causing the blacks problems in defence but the tackling lead by Riley and Caleb was now much more accurate and aggressive. Cumnock scored again through John to take the lead but a lapse in concentration lead to 4 more GHA trys sandwiched between trys from Iona and Maddy to make the score GHA 9 Cumnock blacks 8 with only minutes left. John gave Cumnock hope of victory with a well taken try from a excellent Riley pass but the best was yet to come. A quickly taken tap following a turnover released Caleb who passed to Iona she then found Maddy who put on the after burners to score an excellent try to make the final score Black's 10 GHA 9.

The Cumnock reds took on loch Lomond in their first game. Loch Lomond came out the blocks quickly and scored 2 trys but this did not deter the reds commitment. The tackling from Harry, Emma and Alfie was excellent and this resulted in many turnovers which gave Calum, Finlay and Ruaridh plenty of chances to run at the Loch Lomond defensive line. Half time score Loch Lomond 2 Reds 0. The 2nd half started with a 3 further Loch Lomond trys for most teams the white flags would have come out but not this red team led by Ruaridh and Finlay the reds powered forward Harry passed to Emma to found Calum who spotted the gap and scored a well deserved team try. Final score loch Lomond 5 Cumnock reds 1

The Cumnock blacks were next up against the The GHA bib team. This time there was no slow start the blacks scored 2 quick trys from Iona and Adam. GHA replied with 2 trys of their own but now the Black's were in full flow 2 trys from John, 1 from Riley and 1 Caleb gave the blacks a 6/2 half time lead. The 2nd half started with a GHA try but further try from Maddy, Iona and Adam made the final score 9/3 to the Cumnock blacks.

The reds then took on a very strong GHA team who ran the black team ragged for a large percentage of the first game. Straight from the first tap the Reds defended for their lives with Harry, Emma and Finlay leading the way. GHA finally broke their resistance with 2 well worked trys but Ruaridh, Calum and Alfie kept pushing the red team forward and they deservedly got a try through a fine run and finish from Ruaridh. Half time 2/1 to GHA. The 2nd half started with more strong running from Emma and Ruaridh but GHAs experience got them a further 2 trys.
Final score GHA 4 Cumnock reds 1.

The final game for the Cumnock blacks was against Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond started the game but were met by a wall and turned over the ball for Adam to sprint away for the first try. Further trys from Maddy, Riley, and Iona made the half time score 4/0 to the blacks. The blacks dominance continued with the help of some great off loads from Caleb helped the blacks to 4 more second half trys. John with 3 and another for Riley made the final score 8/0 to the blacks. The coaches were delighted with the Cumnock blacks team work and effort. The visiting coaches also commented how impressed they were with the offloads and defensive line of the black team.

The Cumnock red teams final match was meant to be against the GHA bib team but due to tiredness and the smell of the hot dogs from the clubhouse GHA bibs forfeited their final match. The coaches were delighted with the Red teams commitment, determination and skill on show. Although this was a less experienced team than the blacks it gave all the players a chance to run with the ball and experience a match against strong opposition and all coaches were in agreement that they were a credit to themselves and the club.

Red Team
Harry Emma Ruaridh Callum Alfie and Finlay

Black Team
Iona Riley Adam John Maddy Caleb

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Sun 08, Sep 2019