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Sun 19 May 2024
Lanark Festival
Cumnock Rugby Football Club
U7 (P2) Boys/Girls
Cumnock RFC Micros @ Lanark RFC festival

Cumnock RFC Micros @ Lanark RFC festival

David Mair19 May - 21:17
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Cumnock RFC Micros @ Lanark RFC festival

Cumnock RFC Micros P2-3

Today we were away at Lanarks festival. It was a warm day with the sun coming out and getting warmer as the day went on.

We were playing in a P3 tournament but we were a few P3 players short so brought in P2 players to play up with us. We played 5 games. In the first 4 we played really well scoring lots of tries, I think the 5th game was the toughest team to play against and we were tiring, understandably in the heat.
The kids played brilliantly today we even had some passing in play before they were tackled. This is a really hard skill for the kids at this age, it’s asking them to think about lots of different things to get the pass, direction, timings etc correct. Not something that they can do naturally at this age.

The team played really well and hopefully all the players enjoyed the day and are excited to show off their medals.

Match details

Match date

Sun 19 May 2024



Meet time




Cumnock RFC Micros ?⚫

Some more info on tomorrows game.

Lanarks message
The weather looks to be sunny and dry, so please bring plenty of fluids and sum suncream (not often we say that for rugby at the Racecourse).

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Meeting – 10am
Kick off – 1030am
Finish – Approx 12-1pm


We have a slight clash with our normal parking arrangements due to a horse show which will occupy our overflow carpark at the entrance to the Racecourse. So we have moved all parking to the far end of the racecourse. So please do not come in to the normal entrance to the racecourse, please continue along Hyndford Road, past the roundabout to enter the Auction Market and then use the next turning on the left into the Racecourse where you will be parking on the grass and walking back to the Rugby Club. For the Cumnock contingent (and anyone else coming across Hyndford Bridge), please turn right after the roundabout with the soldiers on it and before you get to the Market. Parking attendants will be on site to help. A small donation is requested for parking to assist with the costs.

The below map hopefully helps.

Pitch Layout
(subject to late notice change)
Please note, P3 playing on astro, all other games on grass.

Food and Drink
There will be hotdogs, crisps and juice for all the players available after the games.
We also have tea, coffee and loads of home baking available for all spectators. And thanks to the Lanark Roundtable we have a BBQ going for all your burger needs.
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