Sun 15
Wigtownshire & Newton Stewart RFC
P5 (U10)
Cumnock & Newton Stewart Away To Wigtownshire

Cumnock & Newton Stewart Away To Wigtownshire

By Chris Lisett
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The South West Delights Shine Through The Mirk

This weeks match day was a fantastic opportunity to show off how Cumnock’s P4 & P5 team can intergrate seamlessly and still put on a fantastic show for all our fans. All the kids showed amazing teamwork and determination today from the very first whistle to the last. Our tackling display showed a few leaks now and then but we were ready each and every time to respond quickly and decisively.

Wigtownshire & Newton Stewart started very swiftly in each game but we shocked them from the off when we were able to apply pressure each time anyone had the ball. It was end to end stuff with Cumnock, Newton Stewart and Wigtownshire learning that no one could be bowled over. However, when our heroes found their pace each and every time they had the ball the pitch was lit up with the fast tries being scored. Our opponents always battled hard and were made to work for each try they scored and the entire day was very closely fought bunch of matches.

By far the most fun and most competitive match of the day came when both our mixed teams played against each other. The smiles on display cheered everyone up as the rain began to fall and as the footwork got fancier and the laughs from our young heroes on the pitch got louder even the clouds began to part and the sun shone back on our determined players. As the hardest tackles of the day flew in and the blistering pace lit up the pitches the match was destined to end how it began. With both teams even. Final score on the hotly contested Cumnock Vs Cumnock was a draw with 7 all being the scoreline however we agreed to keep this from the final match day scoreline.

Match Day Score: Opposition 19 – Cumnock 27

Dream Team:

Stuart, Jake, Daniel, Adam K, Harvey, Aaron, Rudi, Ewan, Logan, Matthew, Aaron, Finlay, Ciara.

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Sun 15, Sep 2019